Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why I love black leather bags...

Simply said if there was one fashion accesory I would want every woman to have it would be hands down a black leather handbag. For two reasons.
#1: Black never dies out.
#2: Leather last long.
So your bag will never(or for a long time)get old and icky. And it'll always be in style.

Go out and buy a black leather know you want one.

Waverly Scarf Coming Out This Week!

Hello Bloggers and Zaliahs Shop fans!
I am happy to tell you my new line of scarfs will be coming soon. Scarfs will be released one at a time and are each handmade with care and love. The first scarf in my Jane Loves Her Scarf serious will be the Waverly Place Scarf. It'll be availible soon so check my blog regularly to receive updates!

Welcome To Zaliahs Shop

Zaliahs Shop is all about unique and fun creations that are sure to make you smile.
We feature photography, scarfs(coming soon), and other random stuff.